The Emory Neurophysiologic Institute releases Dr. Emory’s documentary “Brain 1st™ – An Integrative Approach to Psychiatric Disorders,”  Watch Video Here

The Emory Neurophysiologic Institute (EM-NPI) was founded in 2012 by Hamlin Emory, M.D. to advance the emerging field of clinical neuroscience.  The current work of the institute includes publishing Dr. Emory’s inclusive physiologic paradigm for identifying and improving inherited neurophysiologic variations that cause medical illnesses and mental disorders.

The institute has generated a model that monitors and classifies individual’s automatic brain and bodily physiology and translates the data into personalized treatment to improve physical health and mental well-being. This approach attempts to identify and resolve inherited physiologic variations that can manifest as a persistent physical illness and/or a learning problem, substance dependence or mental disorder.

The institute’s intent is to inform medical doctors and the public about the diverse, complex inherited brain variations that are unrecognized in everyday medicine and psychology and frustrate treatment across specialties. This model applies the latest finding in basic neuroscience that suggest persistent physical and mental disorders are due to failing homeostatic interactions within the brain and between the brain and other bodily systems.

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